Stove CONTURA C620:2, stove body is black

Product code: Z4NIB-301460

Stove CONTURA C620:2, stove body is black

Product code: Z4NIB-301460
€4,640.00 *
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  • Manufacturer
  • Country of origin
  • Height, mm
  • Width, mm
  • Depth, mm
  • Power (kW) to
  • Efficiency class
  • Efficiency
  • Made of
  • Color
  • Decoration
    without finishing
  • Fuel type
    wood logs
  • Chimney diameter, mm
  • Shape of glass
  • Heating (cooling) area (m2) to
  • Warranty, year
  • Purpose
    for heating

“NIBE Heating” - the market leader of wood-burning stoves in Sweden. The products of this company are famous for their quality and efficient combustion technology.
The top and body of the stove are painted with black paint.
• the stove is equipped with a set of 130 kg accumulation bricks, installed above the combustion chamber, around the chimney. When the stove is burning, they accumulate heat emanating from the chimney and the combustion chamber. After the fuel burns, this heat is released to the environment;
• clean glass system - soot does not stick to the glass;
• stove meets the particularly high environmental requirements and low emission standards, regardless of the heating capacity;
• a space under the combustion chamber - you can store tools or firewood there;
• hidden and non-hot handle;
• automatic ignition system - the door can be closed when the firewood is just starting to ignite and it does not harm the combustion, as the air supply to ensure combustion is led through the grate and it is independent of the air in the room;
• the embers can be ignited by moving the valve on the left side of the stove. Oxygen is led into the combustion chamber and it promotes the burning of coal;
• quieter and more evenly moving ash box;
• firewood used for heating - up to 36 cm;
• the chimney connecting pipe can be taken out from above or back;
• the fireplace is covered with light fireclay tiles;
•there is a grate that prevents firewood from falling out of the combustion chamber;
• power can be set within 3-9kW.

The stove body has a 5-year warranty.

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